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Weekend Adventure: Treehouse Point

Imagine a getaway where precise craftsmanship creates a lodging that's carefully and delicately placed on a century-old topiary pedestal. This Arcadia is located in the epitome of Washington State - welcome to Treehouse Point.

Image from Treehouse Point

At Treehouse point, the craftsmanship isn't only showcased in the treehouses (as impressive as they are), but the artistry is also present in the parts of the land that were not touched by human labor and molding. Pete Nelson, a lifelong treehouse fanatic, began building his paradise in 2006 - and we're so thankful he did. No matter if you stay in the window wrapped "Trillium," or the Seussian "Burl," you'll end your days falling asleep as you become part of the gentle and rhythmic swaying of the trees.

The pure novelty of sleeping in a piece of art suspended 16 feet off the ground would have given us enough to write about, but that's not all the adventurous bed and breakfast has to offer. The service is comparable to a mother's caring touch - a note you'll understand after you try their complimentary homemade breakfast. 

Once breakfast is over, you'll feel content and ready to crawl back into your perfectly firm/exquisitely soft mattress. However, I encourage you to take a meditative jaunt down to the Raging River. On your way, you'll pass other treehouses, a bench that appears to stare into a bush (but it's really to enjoy mindfulness rather than a view) and no dearth of perfectly chaotic moss-covered trees and ferns. Arriving at the river bank, you'll see the carefully crafted cairns that visitors before you created for you. Enjoy them. Enjoy the river.

Enjoy Treehouse Point.

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