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The Cedar: Quietly Charismatic

An urban atmosphere constantly moves; it frenetically scurries from street corner to street corner to scavenge the dollars and cents that some unfortunate stranger seemed to have momentarily forgotten to hold on to. 

But The Cedar tree, somewhere, stands tall - quietly charismatic. 

In our days of urban exploration and "city life bread-winning," we can't forget that outside of it all is something much more important. That "something" is what I'll refer to as "The Cedar." The Cedar symbolizes the resilency and contrast of the natural world; The Cedar is not just the physical properties of the twisty ferns, chaotic shrubbery and annoying mosquitoes. But The Cedar also represents that which is not there; the gray matter that forges and cultivates our lives.

The Cedar has slowly grown from barren stardust, water and oxygen. The Cedar created something not just for its own gain, but a natural and complex framework that created and then supported other forms of life. The Cedar was purely selfless. 

Yet, in that selflessness, The Cedar also played a role in creating us, the creatures who became intelligent, but lacked foresight. And in our opportunistic ways (the methods that built our success) we began forgetting The Cedar and we built our lives.

We built into the days when our numbers grew and we ran out of space, so we cut down more of The Cedar and built more space. In the beginning of our growth, we did this out of obliviousness. Our intelligence hadn't yet reached the level of comprehending what role The Cedar actually played in our lives. 

As we grew, we learned. We eventually learned that The Cedar was responsible for everything that brought us success. We also learned that, in our continued success, we were severely injuring The Cedar; some parts of it will never come back again. Our obliviousness became selfishness.

And our selfishness put walls up around ourselves so we could maybe one day forget The Cedar.

But it's still out there, quietly charismatic. 

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