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Transparency Report: Batch 001

Letter from Hunter: To our fans, friends, family and general passersby, The last couple of months have been filled with ups and downs for all of us, with a global pandemic growing and social issues surfacing. This historic time has brought a lot to the forefront of my mind. Our world is in chaos and the only way we should be responding is with love, support, honesty and most importantly: ACTION. So I've decided to begin compiling Transparency reports on our business operations going forward, so that you can hold Cedar accountable for staying true to our mission and the actions we take. To my knowledge, we are among the only apparel companies to release a report of this nature....

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Weekend Adventure: Treehouse Point

Imagine a getaway where precise craftsmanship creates a lodging that's carefully and delicately placed on a century-old topiary pedestal. This Arcadia is located in the epitome of Washington State - welcome to Treehouse Point. Image from Treehouse Point At Treehouse point, the craftsmanship isn't only showcased in the treehouses (as impressive as they are), but the artistry is also present in the parts of the land that were not touched by human labor and molding. Pete Nelson, a lifelong treehouse fanatic, began building his paradise in 2006 - and we're so thankful he did. No matter if you stay in the window wrapped "Trillium," or the Seussian "Burl," you'll end your days falling asleep as you become part of the...

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